Exterior Building Cleaning

At Premier Pro Cleaning, experienced cleaning staff use hot water, professional-grade soaps, special low-pressure cleaning equipment and detergents to clean building exteriors without damaging the surface. Our professional cleaning members and temperature and pressure of the water used vary depending on the building exterior types, such as limestone, aluminium, wood, and painted surfaces. Building prepared with these materials requires specialized cleaning staff to clean surface dirt and tough stains.

Exterior buildings require cleaning after every 3-5 years on average to accurately maintain them. A perfect maintenance schedule for pressure washing and exterior buildings surfaces ensure a cleaner to provide professional and cleaned property picture after preventing deposition of algae on the structure of buildings. 


Why Do You Choose Exterior Building Cleaning with Us?

Our Pro Cleaning team first carefully inspects your building to determine the safest and most effective cleaning processes. The processes include construction lifts to reach surfaces high off the ground, hot water and high-pressure washing equipment and professional-grade and environmentally safe biodegradable soaps and cleaning agents. A low-pressure cleaning system is used by our team to remove uneven spots or marks safely resulting from surface dirt, pollens, mould and mildew and hydrocarbons. We also optimize safety and long-lasting effectiveness over the next 25 years.

Our Exterior Building Cleaning process is broken down as follows.

  • Search outer water sources on the building to supply our water tank
  • Prevent entry into the workplace with caution tape, if required
  • Completely wet down the building exterior and all attached areas with water, including plants and nearby cars.
  • Protect opened plants with waterproof tarps, as needed.
  • Pre-apply spots or marks with bio-degradable cleaners at 20 PSI – 25 PSI.
  • Put in specialized surface cleaners to stone, wood, siding, brick, stucco, etc., as needed.
  • Apply bio-degradable soaps and detergents to remaining surfaces.
  • Clean all surfaces with water at a temperature of 120 degrees and a pressure of 400 – 600 PSI.
  • Apply Polymer Wet Wax solution to surfaces adding a light lustre to siding spaces and reduces mildew growth. 

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