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How to Sanitize and Disinfect Your House?

Winning a war with an unknown and invisible enemy like germs, microbes, viruses is more challenging than the National Borders. It is essential to sanitize and disinfect houses for a germ-free house. House Sanitization and Disinfecting is a tedious task where you have to take care of your house's several aspects. You must be knowledgeable about the cleaning and sanitization process. Before cleaning and sanitizing your residential and commercial spaces, keep few points in your mind.

  • Disinfecting and sanitization are different processes
  • Cleaning leads to sanitization, and without cleaning, you can't disinfect your house
  • Routine cleaning that we process every day is not enough
  • No space for complacency, and you must ensure first that your house is well-cleaned and sanitized from every corner

What Is The Procedure To Disinfect Your Whole House?

Cleaning and sanitization during emergencies prevent contagious diseases to a large extent. To protect your family, you must be knowledgeable about procedures or hire a cleaning and sanitizing company to remove germs, viruses, bacteria, etc., from every corner of your residential house.

  1. Make Few Arrangements Before Sanitization
    • We wear a pair of disposable gloves before starting the task every day.
    • We use Bleaching powder or biodegradable solvents to sanitize your house.
    • We have all types of equipment and tools required for sanitization like clothes, sponges, vacuum cleaner, broom and brush.
  2. Few Things to Remember While Disinfecting Your House
    • Identify high touch surfaces like countertops, chairs, headrests, doorknobs, TV remotes, mobile phones, computer keyboards, sinks, faucets, chairs, light switches, etc.
    • Never touch any switch or running electrical appliances while working
    • Keep tenants and family members away while cleaning a room
    • Get some knowledge on killing invisible germs flourishing in your house if you are disinfecting your residential space on your own.

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