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What Is Building And Property Maintenance?

Building and maintaining a property can be a tedious task. Many companies face extreme difficulty maintaining client's property and spending endless time to complete the job. Various maintenance and cleaning companies emerged to take up maintenance work challenges. Property maintenance is the process of Cleaning, secured checks and repairs throughout the residential and commercial buildings. Delivering efficient results to clients increases the level of satisfaction among clients and improves a company's reputation.

If a company fails to maintain the building properly, it can often lead to grave consequences. Maintaining buildings and property can be a difficult task, but it cannot be ignored simultaneously. Building and property maintenance incorporates many tasks such as building walkthroughs, HVAC filter replacement, regular Cleaning. Reactive maintenance includes repair of drain clogs, appliance failure and flooding.

Benefits Of Maintaining Property?

Decrease In Equipment Breakdown And Failure

Property maintenance makes sure that all the equipment and electronic tools in the building are in working condition. With proper maintenance of all the electronic equipment, the risk of breakdown or failure will be significantly low. The property maintenance includes tasks such as HVAC units, elevators, and boilers to ensure that your most costly equipment operates as optimally as possible.

Reduction In On-Site Accidents 

If the property is regularly maintained and the wiring is well under observation, there will be fewer or no on-site accidents.

Higher Property Value

If a property is well maintained, the prices will also be higher, whereas in case a property is in bad shape, it won't have a good property value. Discarded and abandoned buildings have no value, whereas well-maintained property does.

When it comes to the maintenance of buildings and properties, there are many job roles.

Property Manager

The property manager supervises and oversees the safe-keeping of all the utilities and assets of the building. A property manager is responsible for assigning cleaning tasks along with other tasks.

Maintenance Technician

A maintenance technician is responsible for supervising repair processes. These processes involve maintaining and repairing HVAC systems, boilers, chillers, and more.

Janitor/ Custodian

The janitor and custodian are responsible for cleaning and sanitization. Their duties include sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, washing windows, disinfecting bathroom surfaces and much more.


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